New launcher (1.0.51) causing stutter on Windows systems [SOLVED]

Add Zoom to the list of software which resolves this. Another likely reason for people not seeing it.


Interesting. Considering it as a temporary workaround but honestly I would very much prefer a solution from Zwift side and not having to install OBS, Geforce Experience, Zoom or other third party software that might avoid the phenomenon from occuring but that I would otherwise not install on my system. (No, not obsessive at all, just prefer to keep it clean :slightly_smiling_face:)

Probably not a coincidence then these three have in common that they have some screen recording/sharing functionality, but that is probably an observation most have made by now and unfortunately I have no idea in what way that interacts with the Zwift application.

Over on ZPCMR however I’ve read that they are looking into it further, so I’m hopeful. :crossed_fingers:


Completely on board with you there. That’s why I started seeing this stuff in the first place, because my rig and those I build have as little crap on as possible.


I haven’t done anything but now the fps went down alot but the stuttering is gone. :+1:

But instead i encountered my first Bluetooth drops and lost contact with the kickr mid race. Never happened before

Thanks @Dave_ZPCMR just tried your workaround and confirming that it works! :slight_smile: Back to silky smooth frames on my 120Hz monitor without headache-inducing flickering.

Over to you Zwift.


Thank you @Dave_ZPCMR the workaround fixed the avatar skeleton/x-ray/see through flickering that I was having. Running Alienware R12 Win11 GeForce RTX 3070 with LG 27GP950 monitor getting a solid 160 FPS in 4K.


@shooj any update on this? Is it at least being looked at? Seems to me Dave and the guys did most of the investigation for your teams already; it just needs a fix???

GeForce Experience no longer prevents the flickering, at least not on my rig. OBS is the only way for the time being


I seem to have removed the flickering by enabling HDR on my TV/monitor. I have no idea why that would fix it but it does

Thanks, that solved flickering problem.

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600
OS: Windows 11

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Still the same, nearly 1.5 years after first discovered and reported.

I also have intermittent flickering. Its appearance is as if body of the rider disappears from random frames and the bike on which the rider sits becomes visible through the rider for a tiny fraction of a second. I think the issue may be related to how frames are drawn and displayed, as if sometimes a frame is displayed before it is completely drawn. I found that it is sufficient to turn Windows Gamebar on for a short moment (Windows Logo button + G) to stop the flickering until the end of the ride. Pressing Windows Logo button +G for the second time turns the Gamebar back off and clears it off the screen; flickering disappears and does not come back. My guess is that the act of turning Gamebar on must be changing something in NVIDIA settings. I did not get to compare the default settings with settings after turning on the Gamebar, though.

It works for the same reason OBS and GFE do; you’re introducing an overlay. Game Bar doesn’t do anything to the Nvidia settings. Just install OBS as per the steps above, set and forget.

FIXED in version 1.29.1, both the stutter and avatar flickering. OBS no longer required for a smooth experience.

Thank you!

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