New Home Screen - Event Late Join Bug

I was just migrated over to the new homescreen on Windows. The UI is great and I’m really liking it so far. One issue I noticed - when joining an event the game now drops you right into the pen Instead of making you “free ride” first, an excellent change), but if you are late for an event it drops you into the pen without pulling up the “finding riders” message and lets you ride off by yourself. To late join and be dropped into the group it seems you need to exit, free ride, and click the onscreen prompt to join your event like before. Could this be fixed?

Overall lots of nice changes here. Good job!

Going to take some getting used to new Home Screen. I can’t find who else I follow is on the course that I can “join.” Is that feature gone? I had to increase screen magnification so now much of the content goes off the screen. Not really ideal when you’re on your bike and have to use the trackpad to navigate around the screen. Not a big fan yet.

I did experience this late join bug, too. It cost me some minutes in the red before catching up with the group :slight_smile:

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I actually hope this become a feature. So you have the option to start in the pen OR to be dropped with the ride leader (group of riders)

But it has to be clearly defined.

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Had the same as OP once in only late-join since UI release. Agree with Gerrie, an option to join lead group or start from beginning would be nice.

Also just adding and repeating my initial UI feedback that its hit and miss whether I get sent to a pen or to a free-ride when I start an event from the home screen.