New group ride feature enahancements

(M. McIntire (ECC,PAC)) #1

Please provide the ability to abandon a group ride in cases where riders are dropped or otherwise.

On non-race events, please provide u-turn ability in order to regroup on the next loop or to go back for other riders.

On non-race events, please add the ability to join a group ride in progress. A few of us finished an hour group ride 2 minutes later than the start of the next. We pushed hard to catch them, but we didn’t see any of the normal messages or the leader beacon which indicated where they were.

(M. McIntire (ECC,PAC)) #2

Thank you for adding the ability to leave a group ride.  My friend had to abandon the ride this morning because of power issues.  Even though he had to come to a dead-stop, it was great that he didn’t have to log out of zwift to continue his ride.  I was on teamspeak with him, and directed him to where the group was after he got started again. 

Another big *huge* thumbs up for allowing him to see the group in his riders list, and for me (inside the group) to see him.  It helped him keep pace.

Joining a ride in progress, while riding, would be awesome.  My friend had jumped into the pack, but he was just locked out of messaging.  Abandoning a ride without stopping would also be awesome so we can just fall off an go on our merry way.  

U-turns. social rides could use them.