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Hi Everyone!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently completed a major overhaul of the Activity Feed on to include many of the features found on Zwift Companion

Now on you can view detailed metrics on your activities, comment on your friend’s activities, give Ride Ons and more!

To view this new feature, just go to and log in to your account.

We’ll be adding many more features to this activity feed in the future - stay tuned!This text will be hidden

Hi Shuji,

Thanks for this… looks nice…
Can you tell us where we can now see what badges etc. we have ? Otherwise, when choosing to chase a badge (e.g. route)… we have to log on to zwift, go through connections in Zwift… then choose a world. Then go to menu… then look at the badges, then quit zwift completely, then go back into zwift,choose the right route and world and then start again?




Yes, this is nuts and really frustrating. Also if you want to complete multiple small routes you have to exit each time before selecting a new route. There is supposed to be a new UI coming out (been delayed but rumoured end of Feb - Apple TV first) hopefully this will be included in that update.


This is EXACTLY the kind of thing i’m complaining about for months. Still no answer if it’s being worked on.

Here’s my mail to @shooj:

"Hi Shuji,

nice update, good to see that Zwift is constantly being worked on.

One thing that i totally miss, however, is an overview of the user’s current badge process. This info MUST be somewhere, right? I assume it’s not too much trouble to display badge/achievement processes as part of the feed below distance, time, elevation etc.

Especially when it comes to badges like “avid climber” or “m.asochist”, both related to Alpe du Zwift, it would be really nice to know where one is standing.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Kind regards,
Claudio Costantino"



When I’m not playing on zwift or else in a group ride/race. [don’t ask too much otherwise I’ll get ranty about all the supposed Cat-C riders who are effortlessly pulling 3.5w/kg average]

Anyway where was I…

When I’m not playing on zwift or else in a group ride, I sometimes have trainerroad on one device and zwift on another, and I don’t want to stop both workouts and pause for a few minutes simply because
I’ve finished a 5k route which is the same start point as a 20k route.



Hi Gavin - I feel you on the Cat-C shenanigans ! I’m a Cat-C myself and well… yeah. Just did a TdZ stage 7 race earlier today. Busted my hump for 2.92 w/kg, and finished 47 of 73, with almost all the peep ahead pulling 3.5 and higher.

We are aware of this and planning to rework race results in a future release. Wish I could promise a date, but it’s a complicated problem requiring a lot of coordination and testing.
Thank you for the post, and riding Zwift.


Well, riders in wrong Cat can be quite a pain. But in races less than an hour, this whole category-by-ftp thing doesn’t quite work. In a 20 to 30 minutes (or less) race some people can push themselves waaaayy beyond their ftp, while others can only go a tiny bit higher if at all.


I’ll hop on this thread instead of starting my own for UI suggestions :slight_smile:

  • It seems I can hide all the stats on the Timeline EXCEPT elevation. Please let me hide elevation.
  • Please remember my timeline graph selections. The graph is VERY noisy with all of the stats showing. Personally I’m not too concerned with speed or cadence, so I usually hide those right away. Use localstorage to keep track of my selections between pages.
  • When the map first loads and it animates the ride the “Ride Ons” are pretty small.
  • I’d actually like a way to replay the map animation… I don’t know why… it just seems fun :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I’d like to be able to click a Nearby Zwifter to go to their profile.
  • Power Distribution doesn’t show zones.

Overall I love the new UI! Most of my feedback is nitpicking. Totally agree about badge progress needing to be front-and-center.

I’ve also got some thoughts that are less nitpicky and more ‘big feature requests’ so I’ll list those separately:

  • I’d love to be able to explore maps/routes on here to help plan future rides.
  • More aggregate info. I love the weekly summary emails, it’d be cool to be able to explore “past weeks” and compare.
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Awesome update! I do see a bug in the HR distribution chart for the rides though. The scales for the columns is different than the zones and this puts the columns in the wrong place.

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Anyone know of a way to delete an activity in the new UI?

I don’t see a way to do it on, but you can do it on the Zwift Companion App.


I can see the date I rode a activity, but not the time.
Am I blind or isn’t it there?
I like to see if I (or a friend) rode in the morning or evening or middle of the night.

Also, the font of the title of the activity is white, that makes it hard to see if the background picture is also white-ish.
In subtitles it’s common to use white with black outlines.

Also, I’d like an option (button) zu switch to a list view. When you search an activity you rode like 5 month ago, it’s a lot of scrolling. With a list view it’d be easyier.

But the new UX is way better than the old, so thank you all, dear Zwift Team :slight_smile:

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Re-post of what I put on Zwift Insider:

Still a few bugs in the system. My activity feed has a phantom activity at the top – a Tour de Zwift Stage 7 Race (complete with the right background), and the words “Group Ride” on it. The HR graph is wrong (x-axis of zones done on event max HR rather than profile one). The power graph looks like it has a weird scaling on the y axis. The timeline graph is a nice idea, the sync with the map another one, but you can’t actually display both completely on a standard laptop monitor. Total number of zwifters in the event is way off (90 finishers in C alone, this shows total number at 40, presumably all cats). It’s impossible to get to the screenshots on a laptop monitor, that section of the page gets removed when you scroll towards it.

I think you’re right that it’s not displayed anywhere.

The data is definitely present in the feed though:


So it should be simple to make it available if they want to.

Please put the “download” for the .fit file back on the first page next to the graph of the ride. Takes too many clicks to download a fit file now. Otherwise, thanks for updating the page…nice work. Last, like others, would like to see the ability to see badge and route achievements without having to enter/exit Zwift.


I really like the update overall. I too would also like to see the download link on the main screen, but to me that’s a minor point.

Also the latest episode of the Zwiftcast addresses many of the other topics in this thread (and elsewhere in this forum):

Regarding roll out of the new UI - my take is that Zwift will hold off a bit since there are so many new users now, introducing a new UI might be confusing. It would seem that it’s coming before summer though. (at least that’s the rationale I took from the interview).

I love the “too many clicks” argument.

I think the new functionality is fantastic! Keep up the great work!

Very nice UI, but could you add the colored zones below the power distribution? :wink:


This seems to be generalized for all Tour de Zwift race activities. A friend of mine completed Stage 7, I also see this empty duplicate activity - date dispalyed, title limited to “Tour de Zwift: Stage 7 Race”, “Group Ride” at the top, no data, cannot click it. His other activities display correctly. I have that duplicate entry for all TdZ races in my feed, regardless of who did it.

Everyone: I locked this thread because some replies were sending emails to a lot of people not involved in this thread.

When I can untangle that mess, I will open this back up for comments. Ordinarily wouldn’t encourage you to start new discussions around this one, but in this instance, go right ahead.