New Drop Shop Bikes [July 2022]

This thread features two new bikes available in the Drop Shop when you update to Zwift game version 1.27.

Chapter2 Koko
Air resistance is the single most critical factor that separates a fast bike from a bike that cuts through the air like a bird. KOKO means “to soar, fly” in Maori and as the name suggests, CHAPTER2’s top tier aero road model will have you smiling from ear to ear from the sheer thrill of unadulterated speed.

Weight: 3 stars.
Aero: 2 stars.
Unlock Level: 11.
Cost (drops): 639,000.

Scott Foil 2023
Aero, Lightweight or Comfort – choose three. Welcome to the next evolution of aero bikes with the all-new Foil RC. Designed to meet the demands of World Tour sprinters, attackers and breakaway riders, this is the fastest road bike SCOTT has ever produced.

Weight: 3 stars.
Aero: 3 stars.
Unlock Level: 22.
Cost (drops): 816,500.

The positioning of the Koko doesn’t make sense - in real life it’s the aero bike and successor to the Rere, whereas the Toa is the race bike. Only 2 stars for aero, though?