New applications development for Zwift growth


Hello all,

after some years using another simulator, which has lot of user around the world, but with many many bugs, issues in the webpage, and bad customer support, my post goes to the Zwift developers Team. 

I think if this simulator could start to have official leagues, with defined groups, classifications by time per stage and so on, lot of members from Europe, and specially from Spain would migrate to this nice Zwift simulator.

You have a good platform, but I think there are lot of potential by designing many more routes around the world. 

So, summarizing, increasing the routes you offer, and the option of having groups for training and leagues creation, this simulator would grow incredibly. I personally would recomend to my community (around 1800 users) to come here.


(... david (aka "setuid")) #2

Take a look at the work ZwiftPower has done, and see if that meets your needs in the short term.