New and nervous

I am new to cycling. In December I bought a Trek Damone and a smart trainer. I’ve been training on Zwift and I think I have made significant progress. My FTP started at 107 and now the ramp test shows it to be 151; so 2.5 w/kg. I’ve only ridden outside twice for a total of about 30 miles. Trying to find a group ride or even just someone to ride with in my area; haven’t found anything that fits my work schedule. Any advice? I’m located in central Massachusetts, north of Worcester.

Call the bike shops in your area and ask about rides and clubs


I’d not ridden outside in 30 years!

My best decision was to get out on the bike in the first place.

But a close second was to get up early and just do a ride (was about 45 mins each way). Meant hardly anyone around, hardly any cars etc. So could ride on pavements, nip onto road if needed. I stop if any pedestrians (they have right of way) and just took it nice n steady.

A few rides later and - now back in the saddle (excuse the pun) did a 3 hour ride. Again, just nice and steady.


I’m too nervous to group ride on a road bike. I stick to trail riding on my fatbike and BMX racing, much lower risk IMO.

I’ll occasionally ride with a couple other people, but don’t really feel a lack for not doing road group rides.

Yeah, I only have a mountain bike. Try to stay off the road where I can. Komoot well worth checking out for route planning. Got me from Leeds to York extremely well.

Quite the loner, so did the ride on my own :smiley:

Oh, I ride on the road all the time, just by myself. I trust drivers here more than I trust other road bike riders.

most people know what they’re doing but someone will usually point it out pretty quickly if someone isn’t. nobody wants to crash, even the guys who are learning. gotta start somewhere


komoot is not as widespread in the US. was chatting to a US zwifter and I suggested komoot and was surprised by how little or no routes there are in some locations.

Maybe strava heat maps or routes could be a good alternative.

Call up local bike shops, they will know of group rides that are good or even cycling clubs who may have group rides.

I don’t know about USA, but most cycling clubs here you get a license to join them if you want to get into real racing (aka not virtual).

Clubs will usually have beginner rides to teach new riders the basics of being in a group ride.