Neokyo Crit distance to go is misleading

I did a crit race on the Neokyo circuit and noticed the distance to go is wrong!

It counted down to 0 mts by the sprint arch, causing myself and a few others to end the effort while others carried on and got a gap. After a few seconds and a bit of distance the counter goes back up to 200+ mts to go and you see the neon lap arch which is the true finish.

@shooj has anyone else reported this?

I’m on a fully updated Apple TV set up


I’d like to see the URL of the event in question. If you go into your activity feed on the webpage (not the Companion app) please add the link in your reply if you don’t mind having it visible to everyone. Or send me a DM if you want to keep it private.

Reason is I’d like to see if that race was lap-based or distance-based, and that link can tell us which it was. It might not seem relevant, but it is a step in debugging this issue. Thanks.

Unrelated to this so sorry for highjacking this thread but is it a known issue that banners don’t appear on Neokyo. We did 3 laps of sleepless city Sunday night and everyone said there was no finish banner.

Thanks for the reply. :+1:

Think the link is

Hope it helps

Re edit…… link looks odd here, but the activity

974000973653491744 is correctly in the link.
It should take you to an FZR Segment killer race that was listed as 5 laps.

Same issue this morning on Evo Sprint race (6am CET) and on ZWC Japan Crit Race (12 pm CET)

Video of the Evo race here….

Thanks all for weighing in. This bug is on our to-do list.