Neokyo Crit Circuit

Hi, anyone know how to find an event that will unlock the Neokyo crit circuit badge :rofl:

That’s the last one in the set for me to get, the filters on the event don’t narrow circuits down and all the crit races I’ve found have been on the dolphin course.

Any groups actively using the Neokyo route for a series?


Zwifthacks is your friend: Events The L39ION of LA crit series (which is what the search finds, plus one random other event) on this course has already been announced.

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Thanks for the replies.

Re. Zwifthacks, what’s that? Can it be used with Apple TV to access the details etc?

Actually I’ve now seen the link in the post, :man_facepalming:t2:

Awesome, there’s a few races upcoming…. Just need to find some that suit my time zone :rofl:

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Only the best Zwift event search tool around at the moment. I suppose you can use it on an Apple TV as well if you can use a web browser on it, but the signup links working might be too much for it.

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Has this been pulled already? I can’t find anything.

For instance

Ah, I had the days filter wrong. :+1: Schoolboy error.


It’s not necessary to find an event. Just use zwift preferences to select the course.

Is that possible as an AppleTV zwifter?
The course doesn’t show on the menu as a selectable route within zwift.

That route is event only.

Wow that is harsh.

But you are right you can hack in to do the Route.

Back to my point…… that hack won’t work on AppleTV set ups though, so I am stuck to event only which isn’t a big deal…. As long as you can find the event with enough notice to jump on it :rofl:

Wow! My first flagged post. Shouldn’t there be a badge for that? :slight_smile: