Neo2 pedal analysis on Zwift

Hey folks,

I am new here. Been on Zwift for about a month. It is a lot of fun. I did a Fondo this last weekend, and completed 4 Tour De Zift legs.

What i would like to know is how do I use that Neo2 pedal power analysis on Zwift. It should be able to show how balanceds my pedaling is, but I have no idea how to do this.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t believe Zwift has any capability to display left/right power separately. Nor anything like a power peanut.

Hi Donnie - it is my understanding that the pedal analysis only works within the Tacx application on Windows. At this time there is no integration within other 3rd party applications. Maybe one day!

Hi Donnie,

With f.a. a Garmin EDGE 520/530, 820/830, 1030 you can connect to the Tacx and while riding with Tacx or Zwift, see simultaneously the pedal stroke data, although not in the form of a peanut. The data of the bike computer can of course be uploaded for later analysis.
(Will do a search for other apps / exes which can connect and display.)


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@CB2 the only thing you can see on a Garmin is left right balance. No pedal analysis as promised by Tacx and def no peanut. Apparently you can on the windows desktop app but we only have Macs. Was very disappointed there still is no pedal analysis visible on Macs, mobiles apps nor on the Garmin.

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