Neo 2t ble

Hi, Neo 2T connects via Bluetooth to our main PC - Win 11 - but not to our back-up laptop - Win 11, an ideas?


Unpair it from the first PC - the NEO2T only has a single BLE channel and most devices are “greedy”, resulting in a smart trainer not being visible to the second device if paired to the first.

If it’s still not connecting… are you sure your second PC has BLE? Have you connected any other BLE devices to that PC?

Don’t pair using system BLE pairing - do it from within the Zwift app only.

Thanks, yes, the second has bluetooth, i do use it for speakers sometimes, not on zwift though. That said the main pc connects zwift on ble and runs speakers concurrently.
Have tried the pairing through the game app, if that’s what you mean, no joy, zwift sees the bluetooth on Power source and cadence (but returns ‘no signal’), and connects but does not see it on controllable, which, i suppose, gives rise to the no signal message