Need More Pace Partners

Yeah, definitely tough.

We’ll look at having lower weighted Pace Partners in the future (the average D Zwifter weighs 75kg and I think DD is 85)

Here’s the latest update to Pace Partners, including extra paces: Changes to Pace Partners [May 2022]

Pace partner tuning….

Instead of having a pace partner for every possible power bracket would it be possible to go back down to 4 per world again but have each with resistance scale? In workout mode on the companion, you can adjust the bias relative to your ftp, would it be possible to have the same thing with either CDA or rolling resistance? With that you could have a wide enough range so that each of the existing pace partners would meet at their extreme limits of resistance. Might be easier to run pace partners on more worlds if there are fewer to run? Would also give folks with different power the ability to ride together; stronger riders increase their “resistance factor” so that they’re working at a relative scale to the others.