Nearby Zwifters doesn't work for late event joiners

(Jim) #1

I’ve been late to Tour of London events twice now, and each time, I’ve noticed that Nearby Zwifters doesn’t show nearby Zwifters.

I’ll be riding in a group, and the minimap shows dots of the right color all around me, but Nearby Zwifters reports that no one is within a minute of me in either direction.

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #2

If only zwift didn’t take 25sec to start you would be in time for the ride…LOL. Sorry I could not resist.

(Jim) #3

So true!

(Jim) #4

Today, in Tour of London Stage 4, I was about 0:55 behind the nearest rider ahead of me (according to Nearby Zwifters) as I approached the finish. However, the race results show four riders finishing between us.