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How do I have the game navigate the PR course for me? As an example, was on the London Loop (9miles) course and wanted to set a PR time, but the game kept turning me onto routes (like Fox Hill) that were not part of the Loop course. Thus I lost the PR chase. If the turns were labeled to follow the PR course, this would not be a problem. But most turns are not labeled London Loop - they are labeled Big Ben, Fox Hill, etc.

This happens on any route, not just London Loop. I’d like to choose a route, go for a PR and not have to worry about which way to turn. I assumed the game would navigate the PR route for me, but the turns seem random.

Realize the Companion app let’s you select turns, but that requires me to know which way to turn and without proper labels trying to set a PR is really frustrating.

Sorry to create a new post, but not sure where else to get this answer.

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when you select a route from the Route menu Zwift will keep you on that route if you don’t make any manual turns.

Not all routes have the Route PR timer, for London i think it is only the London Loop. some routes does use the same section of road so if you do another route you may see the route PR timer pop for a section of that road until you turn to a different section.

See this for more information:

Thanks for the quick feedback. So I think you are saying that the game will keep me on the selected route and thus the PR course. Some route sections will not display the PR time.

Is there a way for me to see which routes have PR sections?

I don’t think there is an easy way, I have made a list at some point.

I think Each world only has one. (Going of memory here)

Watopia - Hilly Route
London - London Loop
Richmond - 2015 UCI Worlds Course.

*YORKSHIRE COURSE - 2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit

  • These is my best guess.

This is some good places for course info.

You could add Sprints and KOM’s to that list also.

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