My Zwiftpower estimated power (190 W) seems high

Over the past 90 days my highest powers have been 187, 182, and 185 watts (184.7 watts average). My profile (636022) shows my estimated power as 190 watts. Why is my estimated power higher than any of my actual highest powers?

I am currently in the D category but was recently ranked as “Almost C”. Thus, this power difference could become important in determining my correct category.

Don C.

Your 190w estimate in ZP profile is simply an an estimate from your power curve that ZP holds for you and has no impact on your Category. You also have to update it yourself if you want an accurate view, otherwise it will continue to guess. The only numbers you have to keep an eye on are those 3 numbers that make your 90 day top 3 performances.

The FTP estimate in ZwiftPower is just 95% of your highest 20 min power in your results. It’s intended as a quick reference for newer riders and is generally recommended to manually update it on the Settings tab with your real FTP from your most recent FTP test

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I stand corrected!