heart rate graph

Seems to be a bug in the HR distribution chart for the rides. The scales for the columns is different than the zones and this puts the columns in the wrong place. At least on mine it does.

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Same for me:


And, maybe the hearth rate char doesn’t quite have to go all the way to 0 beats/min :slight_smile:

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Same for me.

@Brian_Chesteen @Daren @Per_Forssell and @Bud_Wilson_61

This bug is on our to-do list. Thanks all for the report. I"ll update this post when it’s resolved.


Thanks for working on this one, Shuji. My Max HR is 170 (I run low) and the heart rate zones seems to follow the generic formula (220-age, etc) in calculating the zones, rather than using the Max HR entered in my Zwift profile. Thanks Zwift team! Greatly appreciate all the work!!!

This power distribution bug was fixed in March 2020.

Are you asking about incorrect heart rate distribution, or power distribution chart? Either way, it’d be helpful if you can drop a screenshot of what you’re seeing in your response.

Shuji, I think we’re ok. I believe what was throwing me off is that Zwift’s 5 zones are at 65% (zone 1), 10% (z2), 10% (z3), 10% (z4), and 5% (z5). At least that’s how the breakdown appears based on my max HR of 170 with the zones being broken up at 110, 128, 144, 162, and 170. I had expected Zone 5 to be 10% rather than 5%, so that 5% difference shifted all the other zones.