Max Heartrate reading is a little high

My heartrate seems fine on the timeline graph and on Strava but the max reading in Zwift is always crazy high. It makes the HR distribution graph pretty useless. It’s not a big deal since it’s correct on Strava but I’m curious if there’s an easy fix. This is the case on every ride (although that max value differs). I’m using a Scosche HRM connected to the Zwift Hub.

I would try downloading and examining the FIT file from your activity, to see if you can find a spike of that high value in there.

Does the incorrect value also show up in the Companion app?

Yes, it looks the same in the CA, with the timeline spot on but the max out of kilter.
Interestingly enough, it worked correctly on today’s ride. I looked back through my history and found that it was not as consistently problematic as I had thought; there are occasions where it’s been correct.
I had hoped to find if anyone else experienced this and maybe had a fix. It’s not a big enough issue to delve into any more deeply. Thanks for the responses!

My guess is the problem is the HRM (ie, bad data) but the FIT file would say for sure. Strava might be normalizing it somehow.

If your HRM is giving inconsistent data, the easy fix is to just get a new one.
They take a lot of punishment from sweat.

I downloaded the FIT file and everything looks good. For the ride I pasted screenshots of above, the raw data during the ride is showing max 168 and avg 129. No unusual spikes seen.
There is some strangeness in the Session record, though:

I checked the FIT from today’s ride (which did not exhibit the problem) and the average and max in the Session record were as expected.

So, from what I can tell, the HRM is not sending erroneous spikes. Something is causing the Session record to be written with bad values (for most but not all rides), and when viewing the ride summary on Zwift or CA, having an average > max is causing a problem.

That is weird. Your HRM can probably broadcast to a second device via ANT+, so if you have a cycling computer for your bike you might be able to record it in two places and see if there’s a significant difference, or if you see the anomalies in both places. That would help you understand if it’s a Zwift problem. You could also contact Zwift support and ask them to look at it - I really don’t know if they would have useful advice but you are paying for that support so it might make sense to try.

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I am Polar H10 fan but I also own a Scosche HRM. Some Zwift builds don’t play well with my Scosche HRM including the current one. For the previous months it worked fine but currently I am getting many dropouts per Zwift session. Scosche sent me a replacement shortly after my initial purchase because it didn’t work with Zwift at all.
Now I just switch to my Polar H10 when the current build doesn’t love my Scosche. I prefer an HRM on my arm because I have bum rib that gets dislocated and the Polar chest band agitates it.

Have you tried connecting your Scosche directly to Zwift instead of running it through the Zwift Hub?

Thanks for the info! I’ll give it a try connecting directly to the PC rather than through the Zwift Hub.