For Us Oldies Peronalise Zones As % Of Max Heartrate

Hi guys and gals,

This affects everyone who rides on Zwift so I hope you will give the idea your support.

The current zone chart on Zwift makes no provision for age or max heartrate. I am calculating my max heartrate as 220-72 (my age, and no wise cracks about three wheelers or electric bikes please) = 148. Then if I take my Zone 2 as 75% of my max heartate it comes out to 111. This seems to be right in terms of my effort but bears no relation to the Zwift chart displayed.

Any chance of displaying a chart calculated on a person’s age as per above or some better method?

~ Mike

Hi Mike,
I’m a “spring chicken” at 62. The 220 - your age isn’t very accurate and is at best a guide. My actual max. heart rate, as recorded via a heart rate strap, is 16 bpm higher and I can’t say I have really pushed myself to my absolute max.

Hi Andrew,

Yes the 220-age is the quick and dirty method. I am sure the elite minds at Zwift can come up with something ubiquitous for all riders that will present the zones framed to better approximate what they should be based upon a persons age. I realise that no system will be perfect but some are more perfect than others.

~ Mike

Potentially with all the data they have access to.

You can manually adjust your max HR which will then adjust the zones accordingly

Hey Stuart,

I am pleased someone read the manual!!!

~ Mike