My world ride from today was not recorded or uploaded to Strava

I did the world ride this morning.  My results have zeros in them.  And it was not uploaded to Strava.


What happened?

Not in dashboard either


Is it in your Zwift folder?

I see two files in activities for today. Must be them. But why two files. One shoes a time of 6:50am and 6:41am

If you were participating in an event then you probably did a warm up so that could result in two files. One of the warm up and one of the actual ride.

There are more people complaining about the Strava upload… temporary bug I suppose.

Manually upload them to Strava.

Thanks guys. I was able to upload to Strava. How ever no sign of it in zwift.

There are several prior posts regarding persons who mistakenly discard their workouts - they can still upload the workout to TP or Strava by finding the file in the Zwift folder but there is no way to get it uploaded to Zwift - what I read is that they may include that option one day.  I mistakenly hit discard on one of my prior rides and wanted to get it loaded into zwift - no luck. However it did suggest that any awards earned would still be applicable (no rollback of things earned during the ride).