My RPM not showing on App

I have my Cadence, Speed Sensor and Heart sensors connected to Zwift and when I am in the app it shows my heart rate, my MPH and my W (watts)? It then states for example to "warm up at 101W for 10 min at 85RPM. So I pedal and my W is at 101 like it says but it shows “Spin Faster” as apparently my RPM is too low (but i cannot see my RPM bc it is not shown on my screen). So I simply pedal faster until the “Spin Faster” goes away. Anyone know why my heart rate and my bike’s W and MPH show but no RPM?

What sort of cadence sensor do you have? You need to check the pairing of your sensors.

There is sometimes a discrepancy between the cadence on screen to the companion app. For example it might be asking for 90rpm on screen but the companion app might be asking for 105rpm.

This was certainly the case during the academy workouts.