My MPH doesn’t match What Zwift is showing

Hello! I have a Schwann IC4 and the MPH on my bike doesn’t match what is showing in the Zwift screen! I’m cycling my tail off at 18-20mph and Zwift shows me at 4mph! I can’t even group race properly :frowning:

Do I need to purchase a wahoo?

Please read this: How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?


Geesh! Looks like I won’t be at the right mph :frowning:
I just canceled my wahoo order. Ack!

Confused. Were you going to get rid of the IC4 completely and just use a regular bike on the Wahoo? The Wahoo would never be compatible with the IC4.

Staying with my ic4 of course and canceled wahoo. I just read it’s not compatible :frowning_face:

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