My First road bike!

Hi all,

i’ve been using Zwift since december and i must say that’s strongly addicted…lol

“unfortunately”, i’be been using a cheap MTB and i must say that’s really difficult to produce a lot of watts on a flat road. Basically, i think there’s a lot of disadvantages to use Zwift with a MTB vs road bike because of the gearing, etc…

But today i’ll receive my first road bike. Ok, it’s a cheap one (Decathlon Triban RC120) just to start but i’m pretty excited to see how it will work outside and on Zwift.

I hope to increase my performances both IRL and virtually. See you all on Watopia. Ride on!


The Triban bikes are excellent value for money. It’ll be great on Zwift, and it’ll be a good bike for the road too.

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Very good bike to start your cycling experience on Zwift and IRL. :+1:

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I’v tried it yesterday evening and i must admit i’m really satisfied! I feel like i’m flying compare to my 14 kg MTB. I broke a PR on a segment without even trying.
I’m not used to the position on the bike and it feels a little bit weird to me mainly when i need to stop / use the brakes so i’ll take it easy until i’m really use to it. Tomorrow, i will check again that the bike is well configured for my size / height and learn to handle the “beast” :wink:

Just a quick question about HT: on my MTB i have a training tyre and, for now, i have no other wheel for my road bike. Do you think i can use the bike as it is on the HT without “destroying” it (tyre, frame, etc…)? The goal would be to do just one HT session a week for 90-120mn max.

Triban bikes are the way to go.
My biggest regret is getting a RC500 instead of a RC520… Little did I realise that 9 speed isn’t great compared to 11 speed

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Yep. I wanted a RC500 or RC520 but considering I’ve never used a road bike I thought a RC120 would be enough to start. If things go well, I’ll sell it in 12 months or something and buy a “real” one.
I only have 2x8 speeds but for where a live (near Paris, France) it will be enough ( I hope).

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Ah mais un français!
That’s fine for Paris surely.

However, if you ever need a RC500, hit me up. I live near Toulon so it’s far but never know :wink:
I am really looking everywhere for a cheap 11 speed bike for my trainer but I can’t find anything…

You can, but the trainer will cause wear on the tire and may give it a “polished” look smoothing out any tread. Regular inspections of the tire is recommended before taking it outside.

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@me_and_me ok, c’est noté ! :wink:
@Mike_Rowe1 ok thank you. I’ll try and see how it goes.

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