Multiple ATVs in the same room?

Anyone using multiple Apple TVs in the same room? My son and I both use Zwift (currently one ATV4k, one monitor, ride at separate times). It seems it might be fun to ride simultaneously, and I’m thinking about just doing another ATV4k (with a separate monitor that we have in a closet somewhere). I can already foresee that we’d want the bikes (and ATVs/monitors) aimed in opposite directions, so the systems aren’t confused about input from the “wrong” remote, but are there any other foreseeable issues?

Yes, I have two Apple TV’s working side by side with no problems. The ATV remote is bluetooth, so you don’t need to worry about aiming away. Initially I had a problem with one Elite Zumo trainer pairing to the other Zumo trainer because it was connecting to it as a power meter, but once that was disabled, the set up works flawlessly.