MTB questions

Hi everyone,

I’m an irreducible MTB (XC) user since more than 8 years and 60000km now. I know this app/program is mostly developped for road bike, because, they are more numerous than us on the planet, but i wonder if one day we could get more dedicade tracks for MTB.

I’m happy to see that there is (5 choice) mtb bikes and some path made for us, but we need more! more dust, more bike choice and really hard climb (the hardest climb i ran was 17%, far from my rear lastest and biggest pignon! Difference seems to be here and we all can felt the difference while we ride vs road bikes. that’s cool anyway.

i know we can adjust force, but from the factory setup, mtb effort on road is really to easy. 28/30 km/h in real life is not bad at all, same effort and 35kmh in any case on flat surface in the “game” is not realistic… but pleasant.

If you want to climb, go into the climb portal on an MTB, it’s not quite the same but there’s some very steep sections 20% for example.

Hello Graham, thank for reply

I don’t see any “climb portal” menu on my pages.
i will have to explore, maybe

well, zwift insider, i don’t know this. A friend tel me about zwift power… how many external site exist? it is just a mess!

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ZwiftPower is owned by Zwift. Zwift Insider is not (although I believe they still help fund it).

You may need to close your eyes when you look at this list of websites useful for understanding and using Zwift:

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If you look at the routes in Watopia, you’ll see one with a swirly circular icon (like a portal) next to it on the left. I think there may be one in France as well. Basically you’ll follow route, take a turn and go through a portal. Then you’ll be in a very stripped down version of Zwift and you’ll be going up a pretty steep hill for potentially over an hour. Failing that - log into Zwift Insider and have a look at the route details - Maybe head up Alpe du Zwift ??, look at Zwiftinsider - I can’t add a link here but if you add a slash after the dot com and then route-details then another slash, you should find it
https_colon_forward slash(x2)_zwiftinsider_dot_com_forward slash_route-details_forward slash