Mouse pad/platform for bike handlebar

Just started Zwift and do not have a smart phone so companion app. When I am free riding have to reach down get mouse foldable pop table tray and almost come a stop or sometimes a complete stop to to signal a turn to the program, activate power up, etc. Is there an small platform that can be attached to the handlebar for the mouse to able use easier then bending over down to the side?

Hello and welcome. There are going to be many attachable items that you could use (anything from home-made to expensive branded kit (e.g. see wahoo), or you could configure some kind of stand of your own. On another note, since you mention clicking for turns… if you manually turn during a ride, you will formally abandon the route you chose and not get the route completion badge. If you want to complete the chosen route, just ignore the turn icon when it pops up–your avatar will automatically follow the correct route you chose if you don’t manually turn.

I use a projector/laptop stand

Amazon link

After I finish the route then I do free riding and that when issues show up.

Oh ok, that makes sense.

Assuming you’re on PC, grab a cheap USB numpad and stick a Garmin quarter-turn mount to the back. Use key mapping software to assign all the relevant controls to numbers. Alternatively do the same with something like this:

Heh, I use that same stand for my monitor. Been solid. :+1:

An option for a bike always on the trainer is something like the “Travel Trac Tablet and Book Caddy.”