Mountain Route

(Nicholas Bamford) #1

I am planning on trying out the mountain route tonight and wanted to check whether the route to it is obvious / automatic if i choose “hills” rather than “flat”. I have seen a few posts giving directions but I am keen to avoid faffing about later and simply head to the right place straight away.


(Lynette Curtiss) #2

You can select the mountain route instead of hills or flat.  For more pain, select the pretzel route.  :slight_smile:

(. TomH..) #3

Hi Nicholas, 

As Lynette said, if you really feel strong you can try the Pretzel course, THIS link will help you to understands the profile a bit better :slight_smile:

Ride On! 

(Aidan Murphy) #4

That link isn’t working :confused:

(. TomH..) #5

It works fine on my side, just go to, you’ll find it there :slight_smile: