Most Prestigious/Popular Zwift races.

(Jerome Wigger) #1

I was just wondering if someone with more experience could compile a list of the most prestigious/popular weekly races or race series?

After a month of racing on zwift its still all quite confusing with lots of different race organizers and events that have varying degrees of participation. Some casual rides have almost 100 entrants whereas other race series will only have <5 guys competing in the front group. 

(Gerrie Delport) #2

Once ZwiftPower is back up and running you can look at the past races and compile a list of number of participants for each race. 



(Steven D) #3

Hi Jerome,

You have a good idea and it’s certainly one to take under advisement. While all of the events in Zwift can be found on the Events page, I’m not aware of a site or source that singles out only the most popular ones prior to riding in the event. 

The good news is that we do have a Feature Request Forum and I’d highly encourage you to visit these forums to search for similar types of suggestions that you and others may share to help improve Zwift. If you like, you can even add a request of your own.

(Nick Keat) #4

If you look on the companion app less than about a day before an event, you get an idea of how many people have said they will be taking part - this get more accurate / relevant the closer you get to the start of the event, but helps provide a guide. Once Zwift sort out the GDPR issues (please, Zwift, this is important!) the excellent zwiftpower web site can be used to give a guide.

(Zee Kryder) #5

The favorite races are probably the ones carried live and posted as videos on Zwift Community Live Facebook page and Youtube as well. The KISS series is pretty big. CVR is an established race organization with entry level and top level racing.They also have their own ranking system. They only give points for certain races. For example, KISS is included but WBR is not.

I believe most are attracted to Zwift’s live coverage on YouTube, especially when Nathan is the announcer. He does a fantastic job. It makes the race more interesting when you can listen or watch those at the lead of the race.

(Diederik Westerhof [X] CVR (B)) #6

In addition to the previous post. Just watch some of the video’s from Nathan Guerra, read some of the Zwift insider blogs. The zwift racers, KISS, CVR, WBR groups are great to find data. Most people race when it suits them, with some exceptions to the bigger races and special events.
Via the mobile app you can see the number of people who intend to enter a certain race and in which category they participate.