More Sights and Sounds rides

Since the feedback on the Sights and Sounds rides (aka no HUD rides) has been so positive, I’ve added a few more to the calendar. I’m targeting Mondays and Thursdays to “Wake up with Watopia”. The times are targeting morning for 3 key timezones, North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. I know these don’t work for everyone and for that I apologize, but Jarvis the Bear can’t host these events 24/7. :bear:

O early morning est will be awesome 5am-7am est is peak training time. :sunglasses:

You really want me to ride at 4am. LOL

I really really appreciated this mode. For me, the best experience of the last months.
Please tell me how I can enable this feature whenever I want, even if alone.


I’m more the late in the evening rider (11 pm central europe time).


Hooray! Keep ‘em coming.