Daily rides 05:30ET?

I’m usually good for 05:30ET (GMT-5) these days. Just like real life, knowing someone is going to be on 'the road" is more likely to get me out of bed. Standing 05:30 rides Tue/Thu? Maybe EVERY day?
If I could hit a key and “chat” with a keyboard and have it stream over the top of the screen i probably would… at least every now and then.

You mean like 5:30am? Ouch! That’s a little early for me! :slight_smile:

damn! I saw there was a reply and was hoping I had a bite!
Yeah 05:30 in the am. Maybe I could nab some lazy brit waking up at 10am if not an enterprising east coaster!

That is 2330 here so a little late for me. I am good for 0500 Tue/Thurs HST so 1100EST.

Jerry, I’ll be able to jump in on that once in a while. Tuesday and Thursday are run days right now, and I swim twice per week on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Most of my rides are in the evening. I’ll be on at about 8:00 this morning for a recovery ride. Have to run about 10 miles first.

I’m interested in 05:30ET rides. I need to get my setup dialed in a bit. I gave it a try last night, but still have some tweaking to do.

I’m going to aim for tomorrow morning; will use that new post area to try and recruit some joiners…

Unfortunately I can’t do tomorrow, but I will aim to make it in the future.