More short, flat-ish routes

For those of us who are just coming back from illness or injury, I would love to see more short, flat-ish routes (under 10 mi).

Most of the worlds have one or two… but that’s it. And a lot of those “short” routes incorporate a lot of climbing, so they’re too challenging for those of us trying to ease back in.

I know that I can just ride around and make something up, but with just a few “easy” routes available, I feel left out.

Not discouraging your Request, but if you are on a smart trainer, you could turn Trainer Difficulty right down and you wouldn’t feel the ascents at all (you’ll just go slower the steeper it gets).


Actually. I’m not on a smart trainer so what you describe is exactly what happens! The problem, in that case, is that it takes too long. It’s less about difficulty and more about only being able to ride for 15-30 minutes at a time.


I’m in your position right now with a fractured neck of femur. It has two screws in holding things together while it heals. I’m walking with crutches, getting on the bike is tricky.

I just ride Tempus Fugit, low power with steady cadence around 55-60rpm. I can get just past the canyon, so about 6.5km in 15 minutes. Even the 1% gradients slow me down.

Without knowing your illness or injury, all I can say is put trainer difficulty down and just take things easy. That’s safest. It’s boring, it’s crap and that’s how it is. We can’t do anything more.

A longer route (for our lack of fitness/ability) like Tempus can even be a motivation. Each few days you might ride a bit further and be closer to complete the route.

Best of luck.

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Hi Chris -

Ugh - I’m sorry to hear about your injury. That sounds painful. I hope it heals quickly!

My challenges are complex - I have an autoimmune that flares periodically, plus I injure easily… and my meds make more injury prone and slow to heal. :woman_facepalming: So I tend to do the shorter routes for months on end. It takes a lot to hold myself back from going overboard, and I have a history of overdoing it too soon.

I’ve done Tempus Fugit many times in this case and it’s one great answer… and I’d like to see more. Yes, I can just ride around and sew my own together, but there’s something to be said for a prescribed route that keeps me going and helps me feel like I’m not being left out of the possibilities that Zwift offers.

This morning, I did the Sleepless City route in Makuri Islands and it was fabulous! I covered some decent ground in less than a half hour and I felt like I accomplished something within the Zwift universe. That’s what I’d like to see more of. Perhaps there are some shorter, less hilly routes that can be carved out of some of the larger ones.

Perhaps I’m just one of a small population… but over the years, I regularly find myself in this “start back up” phase and it would be nice to have some options that help to keep me going.

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Route Map Length Elevation Lead-In Total KM Total Miles Badge XP
Tempus Fugit Watopia 17.3 16 2.4 19.7 12.24 380
Classique London 5.4 19 5.7 11.1 6.90 110
The Fan Flats Richmond 5 13 2.4 7.4 4.60 100
Volcano Circuit CCW Watopia 4.1 17 3.4 7.5 4.66 80
Tick Tock Watopia 16.8 44 2.4 19.2 11.93 388
Greater London Flat London 11.6 45 5.7 17.3 10.75 230
Volcano Circuit Watopia 4.1 17 1.3 5.4 3.36 80
Electric Loop Makuri Islands 8.9 29 0 8.9 5.53 170
Lutece Express Paris 6.6 33 3.5 10.1 6.28 130
Beach Island Loop Watopia 12.8 44 0 12.8 7.95 255
Champs-Élysées Paris 6.6 34 3.2 9.8 6.09 130
Volcano Flat Watopia 12.3 46 0.5 12.8 7.95 240
Sleepless City Makuri Islands 9.6 42 0.1 9.7 6.03 185
Douce France France 24.1 108 0 24.1 14.98 480
Twilight Harbor Makuri Islands 6.9 33 0 6.9 4.29 135
Neon Flats Makuri Islands 14.7 72 0.3 15 9.32 290
Flat Route Watopia 10.3 54 0.5 10.8 6.71 200
Sprinter’s Playground Makuri Islands 12.3 67 0.3 12.6 7.83 245

Here’s a handy list of the flattest routes you can find together with their overall distances (if you can manage two laps in a session then you won’t need to do the lead in again). If you can join an event or pace partner on route that will generally let you skid the lead in too. I know it’s not perfect but hope it’s something you can aim towards.


Oooh - thank you! Very helpful!

Actually… There are a few more than I thought. REALLY helpful. Thank you!!!