More power/control to group ride leaders

I believe the group ride leaders should have some power to:

  1. Warn continuous riders not abiding by the ride description (sandbaggers pushing the power over the power/kg posted ride)
  2. Have the power to move those continuous riders to back of the group (Warnings)
  3. After 3 warnings have the ability to remove rider from group ride/race.

I think this will keep the riders honest.  I have often been on a “3.0w/kg” ride and had to hold 3.4+ to stay with group.

Those are some powerful tools that would help ride leaders and the success of group rides A LOT. KC@WBR

I agree however I would go the whole hog and have it so that the group leader could easily remove all riders in front of them with one click. Time and time again people ignore the pleas of group leaders to stay behind the beacon. This would soon get the message across if they were kicked out of the group ride (they would then continue riding but not be part of the group ride and wouldn’t feature in the results). Currently it’s damn hard to police fliers off the front of group rides and they then distort the final results if the group ride includes say a final race section after an easy paced group ride.

Yes that will be nice to pull them back or to have the resistance on there trainers increase the further they are in front of the ride leader. Like a huge magnet pulling them back.