More custom workout folders

I have my own training sessions and it would be great if I could organise them as I want; say a folder for VO2, another for threshold, sweetspot, base, etc… We are currently limited to two folders. To suit our own layout can we please have the ability to make more custom workout folders?

I don’t think the limit is two. A few weeks ago, I unpacked the old workouts that were removed from Zwift in October to the custom workout folder on my Mac. I just checked from the iOS app, and I see ~59 sub folders of workouts.

I think there may be a limit in how deep the folders can go, but you can organize to more than 2 folders for sure.

I don’t have access to my Mac right this moment to verify the directory structure, but you might play about from a PC or Mac.

Someone else asked for those same three folders. Hopefully you can see from the link that you can create your own folders. Not the very best way Zwift could offer but I believe this does work.

Thanks. I did try this before but could only see two on my screen. I will try again tonight.

Thanks, I will try tonight