More complexity in kit selection

This game could use more complexity in kit selection by adding more bonus and handicaps to the kit. As there are already many training apps in the market, Zwift could lean more into being a game (especially as they have publicly stated no desire in upgrading graphics for realism). There are many things you could do without re-specing the current stats.
Certain classes of bike could have a higher chance at specific power-ups like climbing bikes getting feathers more often. Or even the duration of power-ups changing for a class of bike.
Matching frame and wheel brands could offer a bonus % to speed/weight. Or XP or Drops.
TT helmet or disc wheels on road bikes could cancel the Drops boost when you receive a Ride On.
Challenges (like ride all routes in Watopia) could award things that have persistent cross bike benefit, like the Ceramic Speed mission did.
Add aero specs to helmets. Or a skin suit that makes you more slippery. And these are things you could earn via more challenges.