More climber oriented badges

Having a look at the badges, they seem rather unfair split towards sprinters/heavyweights.

As a feather weight, i will never be able to gain the 1000w badge and those over. On a good day i once hope to get the 900w

On the other hand the climbers badges are just endurance badges, up for grabs for anyone who has the stamina/grit/motivation to ride up the alpe x times or do a vEverest.

Yes, there is the alpe under 1hr badge. But on Zwif thats is not particulary fast. Even a lot of sprinters can do that.

Cant there be more/harder to earn climbers badges to give us anything more to chase?
And to make it more difficult to earn all badges for everyone. Now you need to be at least 80k to do so.


  1. Alpe under under 45m (imo equivalent to reaching 1200w for a climber)
  2. Reach certains tresholds of VAM for specific time intervals (e.g. 1200 VAM for 1min)
  3. Ride x vertical meters in x seconds/minutes
  4. Wkg needed instead of watts needed (e.g. not 1200w, but 15wkg)

Agree – there’s other climbs worthy of badges, like Box Hill.

I’m at the opposite extreme. I feel your pain. I may never complete a 100 mile ride, but 1,200 watts was easy for me. I will continue to climb the mountains and keep pushing the duration, but I’ll be happy just to complete my first 55 mile gravel ride this summer.