Monitor goes blank randomly after update

So I am running dual monitors cloned. One is the primary monitor and the second is a LG TV. Everything was working fine for the last 3 years. The Tv and monitor function normally in all other situations…unless I load Zwift and then the TV goes into random black screens. Anyone else have this problem? Running an Nvidia GX 750 Ti video card…have not changed anything… Any ideas?..I’ve tried all the easy stuff…

Did you update windows 10 recently to version 2004? It has known issues with nvidia drivers, if you did update windows 10, try and roll it back.

Windows 8.1…just updated the nvidia drivers and no difference. Think I may try dropping the hdmi cable and go to vga…I think it is something to do with the update that “helped” the top of the line nvidia cards…still looking for answers if anybody has em…

If anybody else is having this issue the solution for me was to get rid of the HDMI cable and swap to the SVGA port on the LG TV. Note the HDMI port works fine for everything besides Zwift…but it did solve the random black screen issue. Almost like a handshake was being sent every so often and blanking the screen, the PC port doesn’t get or transmit the signal as it doesn’t cause the issue.

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Was this ever addressed from Zwift? Seeing the same problem, the monitor and computer work fine for everything except this application. I don’t want to buy a VGA cable to account for a potential SW error.

Hi every one. Had the « black screen » problem. Found the solution for me. The refresh rate need to be 60Hz. Mine was at 30Hz. Check the refresh rate of your monitor in windows.