mobile app with powerline adapters

(Nicola Cerocca (ZBdC)) #1


I have recently moved my zwift setup, and I had to start using a powerline adapter for extending my LAN to the new location.

In detail I have a Aukey PA-P1 powerline, using its own wireless connection (different SSID from the one of the main router) and Zwift runs fine, no problem at all.

What is NOT working is the mobile app (both on ios and android): I connect both my PC running Zwift and the phone(s) to the wireless network of the Aukey powerline but there is no way to let them “see” each other.

I found a similar situation in this post on the forum: , but in my powerline there is no IGMP setting or any way to change/update the firmware.

Is there somebody who has an idea for solving this issue :slight_smile: ?

Thanks since now to everybody who will reply!


(Paul Allen) #2

WHAT IP address do you get on you phone and the PC? I’m guessing they are on different subnets and that is why it’s not working. 

(Nicola Cerocca (ZBdC)) #3

Hi Paul, and thanks for your reply.

I managed / remembered today to check the IP addresses of the phone and of the PC, I confirm they are on the same subnet (subnek mask , same IP address range (192.168.1.x) and same gateway (, i.e the Aukey Powerline.

Any further suggestion?