Mobile App Feedback

Hey Zwift,

I have some feedback for the Mobile app.  

The ‘friends’ list, or whatever Zwift call it is nearly useless. It’s constantly re-sorting itself based on distance travelled (I think). It makes it nearly impossible to find anyone.  If there are very many riders on, it’s nearly impossible to interact with it in any way.

I’ve missed meeting up with a friend a couple of times because didn’t see them on the list. I only found out later in Strava that we had overlapped rides (again).  



My suggestions

  • Allow us to enable/disable auto update (refresh) of the friends list
  • Allow us to search for people (or create a filter based on name)
  • Allow us to add friends who may be offline
  • Add the ability to send a friend request to people who’s user name we already know
  • Perhaps add friends list management interface to our website profile with the above features

I use the mobile app on my tablet on a bracket on the handlebars - unfortunately the tablet sits in the landscape position but Zwift mobile App doesn’t appear to auto rotate - is this correct and will it be changed at some point in the future?

I’d like the ability to change to landscape too.