Missing Workouts - where is Classics & Climbing?!

Hi all, I’m doing a coaching plan which nomally involves doing one or two set zwift workouts per week. Im noticing that frequently the workouts cant be found anywhere in my app. The latest example is Ive been told to do CLASSICS & CLIMBING >> Burst… not only can i not find burst but the entire classics and climbing folder seems to be missing. Ive checked in the ‘training plan’, ‘workouts’, and ‘all workouts’ sections. This isnt the first time its happened, infact ive looked up loads of workouts on whatsonzwift only to find they arent there in my app. Can anyone help because its extremely frustrating! Thanks

Hi @James_Dowsett

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If the workout is part of a workout plan then you won’t be able to find it in the free workouts, you will have to be enrolled in the plan to see the workout.

Thanks Gerrie, no as far as i can tell it is supposed to be there, my coach has basically picked out different zwift workouts for me to do over the last 3 months. Some are standalone and some are within a plan so i know how to find them… 90% of the time they are there but in this instance it isnt. Scrolling down the list there are things like FTP BUILDER, CRIT CRUSHER, BACK TO FITNESS, etc. Apparently im supposed to be seeing an option for CLASSICS & CLIMBING… but its just not there.

Ive just been looking at whatsonzwift .com and it appears under the ‘custom workouts’ section. Does this mean i need to specifically download it somehow? Im using the app through apple tv… so any ideas what i need to do??

Thanks again for any help!!

Click on download workout, then upload it into the workouts folder in your Zwift folder if you are using PC or MAC

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Sorry for the delayed response, I was doing VO2 max workouts while answering your question.

As JAmes pointed out you need to download the file from ahatsonzwift. But unfortunately you wont be able to load it to ATV. Is you have Zwift on a mac or Pc you can download the file there and open Zwift it should then sync to your ATV. I have not tested this.