Missing buttons from Home Screen [Windows] [August 2022]

Almost missed the start of my WTRL TTT today because the button has disappeared.

Thanks for flagging this up. I’ve let the team know.

Noticed that the screen scaling on your home page may be set on the smaller side for the size of your screen. Curious - does the button return if you adjust the scaling in your Settings menu? Not that it should matter - the Join button should appear regardless. Just trying to triage if this is directly tied to scaling or not.

Hey there and thank you! Yes you’ve noticed that I tried playing with the scaling in both windows and Zwift to see if the buttons were hidden off screen. Whatever I did with the scaling, the button to advance was missing for the event and for the free ride. It came back after quit the program and came back in. Not nice prep before a team race but we got in the pen with a couple minutes to spare.

The scaling is also weird because it’s a 43” fire tv below a 32” old not-smart tv. Windows tried to set the scaling at 300% but you can probably imagine what that looks like.

You may be onto something. The Windows scaling settings might play a role in your case, especially with two very different displays attached to the same system.

In that screenshot above - the icons in the Windows taskbar at the bottom are super tiny. Is that display resolution set to 4k, or something even higher rez?

If Zwift is in Full Screen mode vs Windowed mode, does that make a difference?

I can try the windowed v. Full screen tomorrow morning. I’m windowed for now as full screen with windows can get wonky when your playing around on a different screen.

The resolution is set to 4k as that’s what the Fire TV (and the GTX 2070 super) should support that. For a while I was using 3 screens 1 HDMI and 2 DP but I recently moved the 3rd screen/monitor to use in the home office. I’ve never seen this bug before regardless of the number or types of screens.

Our power went out last night so it’s given me a chance to show you the native scaling with windowed display. Note: the button to advance to a ride or event appears today.

Full screen is an absolute bust. With native scaling. This is as far as I can advance as I believe the important things are off the screen to the right.

It seems to play nice with the 32” not-smart tv in full screen mode until you click on the secondary screen.

Are both monitors the same flavor of 4k resolution, or is one 3840 x 2160 px and the other 4096 x 2160?

And while there is a physical size difference between the two - what happens if you duplicate the same Windows settings across both?

  • Widows Settings>System>Display>Multiple Displays
  • Select “Duplicate these displays"