Mini ramp test reset my FTP , Video of the bug

So in my video you can clear see the bug of reset my ftp from around 280 watts to 186 watts or so.

Your avatar’s cycling cadence at the end also doesn’t seem to correspond.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a bug. It’s doing what it’s supposed to, but you’re using an inappropriate testing tool.

You chose the Ramp Test Lite. In the blurb for that test, it says: “If you’re below 60 kg or are just newer to cycling (…)”. However your user name on the rider screen includes “(93Kg)” and you aren’t inexperienced.

Since the Lite version of the Ramp Test was not designed for someone who can reach the ceiling of 250W for one minute – which you do easily – the resulting reduced FTP isn’t surprising. As you know, you can just manually reset it.

If the software were more advanced, it would perhaps steer you towards the non-Lite version of the Ramp Test before you even start it, but then heavier beginners might complain that they couldn’t perform/test well due to the higher starting threshold on that one.

NO not rest your FTP.

The ramp test software is designed to set/reset your FTP using a calculation based on the highest sustained one minute during the test. That stops working if a test subject reaches the top of the ramp without reaching their physical limit. :man_shrugging:

Just take the more appropriate “Ramp Test”, the ceiling of which is 640 Watts for one minute, and your FTP will be reset to a more accurate figure.
Or just go into any workout screen, or your profile screen, and then manually reset the number.

if mini number is higher then high then yes , if it mini is still lower then NOT reset the ftp. Full Stop.

Again, the bottom line is that you used a particular tool (Ramp Test Lite) in a context that it was explicitly not designed for. There are warnings in the workout/test blurb that you see beforehand, and again in the on-screen text that appear in your video.

To top it all off, it’s not as if the resulting FTP reset has any major effect, i.e., which cannot be reversed in a few seconds with a few keystrokes.

If a representative from Zwift actually awards this thread a bug report code, I’ll eat my cleats. :laughing:


i say Stop talking in here, not move this in the right way, it is Bug SO Stop talking in here. i have 79,000km on zwift 1,500 races. when i call it Bug it is Bug.

What you have written seems a little harsh, possibly not your usual self - is everything ok?

I would have thought with 79,000km and 1500 races and at your strength, weight and of course age you would have known better than to undertake the Ramp Test Lite.

Having said that I agree with you that Zwift should certainly NOT reduce your FTP based on a completed Ramp Test Lite, especially where it ends up telling you that you are too strong for this test !,

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i was just looking for something to do, up the watts over time per min base, go up zone 3z/4z, something fun to do, walk into the bug.

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my view on this is yes it can and should lower the ftp value as that is the design of the test, your value in zwift might be correct it might not be, a test is being done to give you a number for ftp, that test gave you a number which was significantly lower but for the purpose of the test it is correct and has updated that value accordingly

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But the Ramp Test Lite will only ever give a maximum FTP result of around 187 watts. Do you think a rider with an FTP around 270 watts who ‘mistakenly’ undertakes this Lite test and fully completes it should have their FTP reduced from 270 to 187 ?

[Edit and correction - I believe it can producer a slightly higher FTP result but you have to know to increase the bias of the power and I’m not sure many people would know or choose to do that ]

In order for an FTP to be determined from a ramp test, a person basically has to go to failure. If someone made it the whole way through the Ramp Test Lite, they didn’t go to failure, so at that point the test didn’t really determine anything.

So, I would think the correct behavior here would be for the ramp test to either let you know that you will not get an accurate FTP measurement from this test, not modify the FTP as a result if it’s lower than your current one, and instead suggest you do a normal ramp test - alternatively the test could be modified to just keep ramping power further until the person actually can’t pedal anymore before determining an FTP (assuming that’s still a valid test - then the only difference in ramp test lite is it starts at a lower power ramp, but everyone will get to failure eventually).

That said, I do think if you actually do go to failure and your FTP is lower than your current one it should re-set your FTP to that lower value.


probably not, but it might be the right test for someone coming back to cycling after many months off from something like a broken femur or a stroke and they’re starting from scratch

The test is there to set a figure, as I said, zwift doesn’t know if that value currently stored is valid or not so the value gets updated even if it’s lower, many people have their ftp drop for some reason or another, mine is currently at around 289 in the game but I know if I do a ramp test I’ll not get near it as it was set when I was lighter and fitter, regardless of if its the lite or full ramp test you think my value shouldn’t change?

The OP knew he was doing the lite test, it wasn’t a mistake but the whole point of the test is to update the ftp value, which is what it did correctly

I don’t see this as a bug, but it would certainly be better to simply discard the result if you get to the end of the test, since it’s not doing the rider any good if they got to the end of Ramp Test Lite. Another way to approach this would be to present the new FTP and ask the user if they want to save it or not. If that happened I’m pretty sure the answer would have been “no thanks” in this case. That’s more of a design flaw than a bug.