FTP Test on "dumb" trainer/spin bike

Is it possible to do a Ramp FTP test (or standard FTP test) using a spin bike, assuming you have a power meter? If so, are there any specific things you need to be aware of or configure before or during the test? Thanks.

It think that the normal 20 min test will be ok. But the ramp may be hard to do


Our power output naturally fluctuates even if we are trying to maintain a specific wattage in free riding. I don’t care how smoothly you spin, this is just how it is. We are not electric motors.

On a ramp test, a smart trainer will adjust its flywheel resistance so that you are producing the specified wattage. Without a smart trainer, you will have to hit the target watts yourself. Again, even for experienced cyclists, it’s going to be hard to hit exactly, say, 300W, then 320, then 340, etc.

I don’t know if the ramp test algorithm corrects for your actual power output, but I suspect it doesn’t. So, I’d recommend doing the 20 minute test. There won’t be those accuracy problems there. It takes us all a few tries to learn to pace ourselves correctly. The first 20 minute test I did, I ramped my power way up in the last 3-4 minutes. That felt great, but it was an indication that I left a few watts on the table during the actual test. You’ll probably do the same, or you might start too hard and fall off during the test. Just accept it, and learn from it. Remember that in workouts, you can manually adjust your power targets by plus or minus 10 percent. You can also manually adjust your FTP itself if you feel like your estimated FTP was too high or low. Pretty sure you can do that in your profile in game.