Min velonews article

Interesting. VR in the current function is way too hot on the head to imagine enjoying during a turbo session but maybe with the trainers and zwift bike killed off, maybe there is room for the R&D tax write off to solve this.

Love the typo in the article

“Min and Zwift worked together to develop Zwift,”



I’d much prefer a better 2D product than any kind of VR development. I guess I am one of the olds now.


Me too. If I wanted more dimensions, I would probably start by riding outside.


We are finally going to release new roads in France in 2023.
We will then hype the crap out of it during TDFF…

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Jon Mayfield has tried Zwift in VR, always says it was incredibly immersive but that the headsets are obviously completely unsuitable and the sweat/discomfort is untenable.


I don’t like riding with my over ear headphones because they are HOT. I can’t imagine trying to race with a full headset.

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Got to admit, when I hear about Zwift, innovation is not the first word that comes to mind.

It’s an MMO with PS2 graphics and support for 3rd party controllers. It’s really not that complicated and considering the amount of money that Zwift has received in funding (over half a billion dollars) the software that Zwift has should be a lot better than what it is.

Maybe it’s time for Zwift to concentrate on the basics first instead of always chasing the Next Big Thing.

Hot tip, VR cycling is not going to be the Next Big Thing.


I think that Eric is hedging his bets there. Several companies are going big on VR and he knows the tech isn’t right for Zwift VR right now, but maybe it will be in a couple of years. Personally I really doubt it, but at least he didn’t sound like he was betting the farm on VR (unlike the disastrous foray into their own trainer/smart bike).

Cross-platform is what effectively slew the development of Zwift’s software. Zwift was not mature enough to go apple/android/mac/pc but i understand that scenario was far more appealing to investors.

Trust me, the Zwift software is quite complex and with 4 different platforms: CRAZY complex stuff.

I don’t expect to see it anytime soon, but I would absolutely love an immersive/VR Zwift experience. I’m a prolific sweater so current headsets definitely wouldn’t work for me. Bring back the Tacx Magnum and add triple monitor support and I’d be happy.

I use VR in FS2020, it would just be completely useless because of the heat from the headset.

It’s quite warm around your eyes even when just flying a 737 for 1.5 hours.

That said the immersion factor is impressive. You really feel like you are there inside the plane. You can look around easily when turning or to look up and turn off some switch or so.


Not that we actually care about mental health with all this blue light and screens instead of being outside in nature but have there been any studies on VR and mental health yet?

Yes indeed, just these last few weeks to be honest - me. If not for the distraction of Flight Sim and VR I’d have probably gone mad with the stress of my injuries and worrying if they are healing or not or having to go back to hospital for major surgery.

Now I know things are healing again the stress levels have gone down, but it was a useful thing to keep the mind occupied.

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