Military/First Responder discounts

Have not seen anything on this in just over a year so time to ask again. Is Zwift considering a military/first responder discount? I know it is usually only 10%, but for many on a fixed income, every little bit helps.

To the best of my knowledge there are no known discounts.

Where do you draw the line? How about teachers and front line healthcare workers? Restaurant staff, delivery drivers, etc… All these people we have depended on for the last 20 months?

Many deserving people out there is my point, and Zwift hasn’t budged on offering discounts to anyone or discounted rates if you buy a year at a time rather than monthly payments. I don’t think they will make any moves on this until there are clear and present dangers to their market share from the competition.


While those professions you list are certainly noble, as are truck drivers, warehouse works, even assembly line workers. However, military, police, fire, even paramedics sign up to offer their lives to save yours when needed. Very few professions require one to give so much for so little in return. That is how you draw the line.


I’m a veteran and I am against that. Veterans lack a lot of benefits depending on a lot of factors, but giving a discount on Zwift will not really help at all. We need to make sure ALL veterans get medical covers and other critical benefits, not just the ones in the top tiers.

10% discount on Zwift is close to meaningless, that’s $1.50 per month, not really a benefit at all.

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It’s a worldwide platform, would every military of every country get the same discount?