Promo Code for Military Members

(Luke Miller) #1

I confirmed with Zwift that no promotion code exists for Active or Reservist Military members.
This post is to gauge interest and agreement that one should be available, to be used by those who have served our respective countries.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

I’m a veteran and I’ve never used that status to receive any free or discounted services. I would rather receive an in-game jersey or custom painted bike.

(John Hallas ) #3

It is a pity that you cannot downvote a post.

Many people serve their countries in many different ways. Why should the military be singled out.

(Luke Miller) #4

Fair enough John. But I doubt many have put their lives in the line for their country.

(Evert Herremans) #5

Firefighters, police officers to name some obvious ones… construction workers working at heights to name a less obvious one.

I fail to see why anyone should recieve a discount on a cycling app because they do/did a high risk job. The higher risk should translate in a higher paycheck from your employer, taking into account the risk factor. Hence: that’s your benefit from doing a high risk job right there.

I agree with John here, it’s a shame you can’t downvote posts.