After Strava's student discount

Strava announced yesterday a student discount, 50% off the price!!! This is a great stimulans for students to strive for a healthy life balance. I’m wondering how other platforms like Zwift will respond to this. Is it possible to have a discount code for student and motivate them to move! The exams are coming and sports will be important to level stress and tireness. What are your thoughts on this?

sounds like a good idea although I suspect the user base from students is very low with the cost of bike/trainer so not sure how much of an impact it would have.

I know from my own experience other than the keen cyclists that are almost trying to go pro I don’t see many young Zwifters (other than under 16 that get it free anyway)

There are a few requests stacked up like this, student discount, family discount, yearly payment etc that are all to do with the subscription model which I’d hope Zwift are looking at given I assume subscriber numbers are way down from peak covid times it could be a good way to encourage others back

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“student” can mean anyone up to the age of approximately 35 these days to be fair. i didn’t finish my degree until i was about 24

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Good point was not thinking of that.

I’m a U23 cyclist who is studying. I know a lot of other guys who also try to combine it. Just as you mentioned, the cost of bike/ trainer is already high. So a discount on the things that are possible to offer a discount (online platforms, zwift, strava, trainingspeaks…) will stimulate.

I strongly agree that the costs for practicing sports, particulary cycling is too high and that by that a lot of guys who maybe study and ride their bike for fun won’t use Zwift because of the price… unfortunatly

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absolutly, but I don’t think that matters. Studying and sports, no matter the age, need to be stimulated!

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It is always a good move by companies to support students (and staff).

I remember our local McDonalds did a student special and the place was always full of students spending a lot more than just the deal offered.

I used the Microsoft deals offered through education which again works as when you are used to a product you want to carry on using it.

I look at it as a “win-win” situation…