mileage saved but no other ride detail and no transfer to strava

(Reg Bestwick TFC) #1

after quite a few rides only the mileage is saved and te transfer to strava of detail isn’t happening?

(Karen Bestwick) #2

This is the same for both of us. Only mileage and unlocked goodies no detailed feeds given after the 3rd Oct 2015?

(Doug Goglia) #3

I have precisely the same issue.  My ride level changed tonight, so I no my mileage is being recorded, but when I visit the myzwift dashboard, there is no saved activity after 10/3 and nothing has been transferred to Strava.  I just put in a support ticket.  

(Doug Goglia) #4

Know, not no.

(Karen Bestwick) #5

reinstall sorted the problem, thanks

(Doug Goglia) #6

I’m trying a clean re-install.  Hopefully that will fix the issue.  Thanks!

(Doug Goglia) #7

Thanks.  That fixed my issue too!