MENU button on Home Page PLEASE!

Is there a technical reason the MENU button that is basically the CORE of Zwift can’t be on the home page, the page that you select RIDE from now?

The reason I ask is… if a user wants to do ANYTHING they have to select RIDE (this kicks off a notification to all that follow them), now I want to check out what routes I haven’t ridden or do anything in the menu… Now I know what route I want to ride…but wait I can’t do that… I have to QUIT the entire app, and now go select my route and press ride.

This is even more annoying when we factor in that I use my kickr Snap as my controller and my pedals as my power meter. So when I restart I have to sync both up individually in a wierd way (another post on that) but here is the summary. I have to pair my kickr, so that it will even see that it has a controller part…then unpair the power side of it and leave the controller paired…now pair the pedals and continue!

Would be great if Zwift could just remember these settings…and pair up, it’s not like these things change very often right :slight_smile: I’m not one to get a new trainer or power meter every other week…maybe some do :slight_smile:

Yup… that request has been there since the beginning of Zwift! :slight_smile: one day… one day.

As a workaround (what i try to get in a habit of doing) is:

  • use Zwift Hub to see: what the worlds / routes are for the day. Filter by ‘not done’ (if i am targeting a badge) and that way i know before starting Zwift what route i will ride.

I have many options for the Garage:

  • if i know what my next session will be, i will pick from the Garage before i leave Zwift after my current ride.

  • if i forget, then it’s not such a big deal (for me) to go to the Garage after i start a ride (and before i start pedalling) as long as i have done the first thing in my list: know before starting Zwift the route i will ride.

Simples, eh? (not really… Just give us a damn menu button on the main screen!!)

None anyone is aware of.

As for a reason from another realm, same.