Meetup Workout Feature

Request the ability to do a meetup with a workout in order to keep a group of differing abilities together like group workouts.


I would love to see this as well Ed!

This is a good idea.

Fantastic idea. I do a lot of climbing meetups and I would definitely add this in the mix.

I too would prefer the idea of a private group doing a common workout using the meetup event. I ride with a club and during the off-season we want to ride together. The current meetup options do not meet everyone’s needs. meetup by itself is hard too keep everyone with different abilities together. the stay together option does not give the workout people are looking for (everyone is stuck riding at very slow pace). A group workout where everyone rides at a percentage of ftp gives everyone the workout they are looking for while at the same time keeping us all together.

There is a workaround for this.

  • Create the meetup with option keep everyone together if you want

Then as soon the your riders are in the meetup all must select the same workout. As soon as the meetup starts, the workout starts for everyone. All of them will do the workout based on their own values but at the same time like a group.