Meetup distance vs duration with Fire and Ice issue

Trying to understand what happened during a meetup I created for six people.

Created a meetup for Tour of Fire and Ice but set it for duration of 2 hours, rather than route distance. We used the keep together feature. Each of us on a variety of devices (Windows PC, Apple TV, Ipad) all using Zwift Companion, all uptodate. Finished route in about 1.5 hours. We all went back down together. At bottom, half of us went left, and half went right. As meetup creator, and yellow beacon, I never had an option for turns of any type, nor did any of the others. When we went by other possible turns (Mayan Jungle, climb back out of Jungle), we just stayed on Jungle CW without any option to turn. So, it didn’t take us back to start of ride, which I thought might happen.

Is this expected behavior for a meetup with essentially a point-to-point route, but a time that is longer than required to complete the route?

Yes, that’s expected behaviour because you weren’t riding a circular route.