Meetup 50 rider limit

Hi all I have started to do a weekly banded meetup, The first week I had 38 riders which wasn’t a problem, But it was such a success I have reached the maximum of 50 riders in under a day . Another rider has started a second meetup for the same route and time hoping they leave from the same point and we can run the two meetups as one, My question is there any way to allow larger numbers on a meetup and also has anyone tried running two meetups side by side before?
thanks in advance regards Dave

Hi @Dave.T,

Congrats on your popular meetup! Currently we have no plans to expand the meetup beyond 50 riders. My suggestion is that if you continue to draw that amount of riders for your meetups, it’s time to start hosting an official ride on the events calendar. :ride_on:

Thankyou for the reply Wes much appreciated